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GPS Vs MP4 Player Vs Android Tablet Tech Gadgets Guide

  People have constantly been fascinated with technology and this obsession is manifested in the way folks make quite a vibe when a new tech widget comes out in the market. Just look at the number of contraption review websites, forums and online stores all devoted to tech gadgets and identical products.

Gone are the days when a gadget or gadget is actually capable of performing only one type of function. Tech devices today are packed with multiple functions and features, lots of which cross over or share functions with other contraptions. So that the question that will arise would be : The correct way to select the right tech gadget for the job.

Sought after Tech Gadgets with Cross Over Functions

The following are three popular tech gadgets that have multiple functions that are similar with one another.

* GPS or worldwide Positioning System tech gadgets have GPS tracking or receiving as its core function and almost all of its programming are design specifically for using GPS signals to plot directions on a graphical route map from one location to another. But many GPS units are also built with additional features such as media players that will play music or flick files, a TV tuner, a radio tuner, GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity for web access.

* MP4 Player – MP4 or what’s more technically called MPEG-4 Part fourteen is a multi-media standard for digital video and digital audio as set by the MPEG or Moving Picture mavens Group. MP4 Players are specifically engineered to play multimedia and video files in the MP4 formats as well as audio files in the MP3 format. Although a media player is its main function, many MP4 players are also equipped with additional features such as GPS, Wi-Fi, TV, Digital TV, games and a camera.

* Android Tablet – tablets are smaller versions of the laptop computer but are built as a slate or tablet with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard. An Android tablet employs the Android operating software from Google and is a full computer in itself but is designed principally for reading content in the web. As a complete PC, Android slates can also do other things such as a multi media player, gaming, GPS tracking and a camera.

Comparing a GPS with an MP4 Player and an Android Tablet

There are pros and cons when using tech gadgets such as GPS Units, MP4 Players and Android slates. Each has their own advantages but these contraptions should be used only when it is suitable and when the situation calls for it.

Just take as an example the difference in screen sizes among these widgets. Capsules have seven to 10-inch screens which are a lot larger than other devices and are excellent to use for web-browsing. GPS units have a wide range of screen sizes from the small 3-inch screens of little transportable GPS receivers to the larger 7-inch models used often within autos. Nonetheless the smaller sizes of these screens aren’t as convenient to use as slates when perusing the internet. MP4 players on the other have even much smaller displays that it might be unreal to use for reading the web.

MP4 Players cost the least among these gadgets and would be priced less than one hundred bucks. This is indeed a better price than GPS receivers and Android tablets which can get anywhere from below $100 to as high as $500 or maybe more depending on the brand, inclusive features and accessories.

Battery lifespan is another area of comparison between these gadgets. Due to their multiple functions, these widgets drain their batteries quicker but the smaller MP4 players consume battery juice the least. Battery life-span is critical particularly for GPS units such as folks, particularly hunters or hikers, surely don’t want to get stuck in the wilderness due to batteries conking out.

Regardless of the multiple functionalities these devices offer, there are certain drawbacks and issues each one of these gadgets have. MP4 players have the least function among the 3 and couldn’t be used as a communication gadget. GPS units are far more complex to utilize and is conditional on the usefulness of the installed software, otherwise not all further features would function correctly. Tablets on the other hand sometimes have poor battery life and its limited computing power would end in slow processors and shut down making it even more tricky to use.

As for users, slates are favored by people who need full computing power but in a sleek and portable package which they can carry around anywhere they are going. GPS units on the other hand are needed by folks who need help with coordinates, positioning and directions. MP4 players on the other hand are used by people who are engaged in certain activities that call for a smaller gadget. In these kind of activities such as hiking or jogging, it might be unreal to use tablets instead.

Tech widgets are actually noteworthy and this is evident with the multi-functionality of each one of these devices that generally cross to another. This makes it tricky to select which of these widgets would be right for a particular job. Each one of these gizmos has weaknesses and strengths, but a gadget that’s considered puny in one area could be quite able in another. The vital thing here is to spot these strengths so you may know what particular tech device would be appropriate for each particular need.