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Why a Mobile App is a Business Asset

Mobile applications are redefining how businesses are approaching consumer engagement, business management, and monetization. Apps have become powerful, ubiquitous, and big, which gets reinforced by this Forrester study which states that 80% of the daily smartphone and tablet usage, on average, comes from mobile apps.

You too can press home the advantage and cash in on the phenomenal apps uptake estimated to rake in annual revenues upwards of $25 billion this year.

Before getting started, here is a look how your app can serve as a business asset:

1. Sales Augmentation: Apps are simply great to tap into big opportunities opened up by smartphones and tablets in the world of shopping and online commerce. Now, possibilities of consumer interaction exist everywhere – on the street, in a commute, at the coffee lounge, or at the doctor’s office. A mobile app can help you engage consumers looking for activity which opens additional opportunities of making a sale. A seamless app experience can even get your in-store customers on the app, paving the way for easier and quicker transactions.

2. Geo- targeting: Targeting consumers and leveraging their real time locations is great, and in that context, a mobile app is a great means to an end. Restaurants, book stores, retail chains, and a number of other business models have got mobile apps built that cater to a user’s geographic location in different productive ways. For example, a coffee shop sensing nippy weather can announce an impromptu deal enticing passers-by into buying a hot beverage.

3. Data aggregation: The Web is brilliant for letting businesses track their consumers online. A mobile app can extend the same functionality to a brick-and-mortar store by registering every in-store activity of the consumer. Based on this, customized deals and offers meeting personal consumer choice can be rolled out. The aggregated data can also be used for personalized customer services.

4. Better Competence: Show rooming works great for consumers, but for a store in the physical world, it’s nothing but loss of revenue. A mobile app avoids that, and gives consumers exactly what they always want—the best price! By having price check tools built into your app, you can check on the all the sites your customer went comparing prices.

What makes a mobile app truly great from a business perspective is that it boosts efficiency. All you need is a good app developer who can plan and develop in a way that meets your app objectives.